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CEMLAWS is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit institution based in Ghana with a continental and global reach that helps improve ocean governance and maritime security in Africa.

CEMLAWS Africa combines research expertise, policy understanding and practical insight in delivering responses to maritime issues. We appreciate the shared nature of the ocean environment and the corresponding inclusive and conterminous interests in the maritime domain. We are well positioned to provide policy advice and capacity building as well as partner with stakeholders at all levels in enhancing maritime governance in the continent. 

The Mission of CEMLAWS is to promote effective national and regional policy responses to ocean governance issues and maritime security in Africa through policy analysis, expert-driven deliberations, capacity building and research.

CEMLAWS aspires to be a Centre of excellence for maritime policy analysis, human resource development and research in Africa.



Cemlaws Team Members

Management Team, Network of Experts

Seafarers Subjected to Attacks
People killed in Piracy Attacks
Total Reported Attacks
Kidnapping Incidents

Management Team

Dr. Kamal- Deen Ali | Executive Director

Mr. Nelson A Ayamdoo | Director, Training

Mrs. Stephanie Young-Adika | Research Officer / Programmes Coordinator

Ms Helena Doku | Administrative Officer

The work of CEMLAWS transcends the African Continent

These are some of the organisations/institutions we have had the opportunity to dialogue, work or collaborate with on matters relating to our core focal areas.

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